About ScreeningHQ

Have you ever watched a film that made you want to do something? You know, the movie ended, the lights came up, and you thought: What can I do?

Together we can create a grassroots movement of filmmakers and activists joining forces to make an impact on the issues that matter most in the world. ScreeningHQ gives you access to award winning and groundbreaking documentaries to screen in your community. It also provides you with the tools and resources to pull in audiences and inspire them to take action. By simply creating your own profile, you will be able to connect with and learn from others using films for change and organize your own screenings or house parties. All you have to do is sign up, today!

Are you a nonprofit, activist or documentary buff?
Use ScreeningHQ to get audiences involved, highlight your efforts, and build your base.

Here's how:

Are you a Filmmaker?
Do you want your film to be much more than seen? With ScreeningHQ you can connect with people who care about the issues in your film - a committed base of activist supporters. Our ScreeningHQ offers tips and technology to help build your film campaign, get your film out, and engage your audiences.

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About Working Films

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Working Films leverages the power of storytelling through documentary film to advance struggles for social, economic, and environmental justice, human and civil rights. We have created ScreeningHQ so we can bring the relationships that we foster in real life, online!

At the core of this platform is the goal to provide the right resources at the right time to support a people powered screening revolution. We've designed ScreeningHQ to support filmmakers, activists, educators, and nonprofits in combining forces to make an impact.

Visit our website to learn more about our work: workingfilms.org