Filmmakers: How ScreeningHQ Works for You

ScreeningHQ offers film teams the infrastructure and strategic tools to reach, engage, resource and support audiences and meet your goals of making an impact. The site is designed to take activists, educators and socially responsible business leaders through a series of easy steps to sign up to host a screening and get the materials needed to make it a success. ScreeningHQ helps media makers connect to the people who care most about the issues featured in their films and offers a committed base of supporters a way to be involved in audience engagement campaigns. This new site will be supportive of your existing online tools including your website, Facebook, and other social media presence.

Here are some of the unique tools the site offers you:

Empower your fans with ScreeningHQ

Streamline your process

Enjoy flexibility

Plug in useful resources

DIY distribution

Subscription: $250 a year. DVD storefront, if activated: 70% filmmaker / 30% SHQ revenue share (excludes taxes and shipping).

Use our FAQ and tips within your dashboard to fit ScreeningHQ most naturally within your campaign, current distributors and website. If you need further assistance, we also include a half an hour per month as part of your subscription.

If you choose to activate the storefront, you can list your products, such as DVDs for public screenings and swag, ship your stock to our distribution house and we handle the rest.

Our side of the revenue share covers the technology, transaction fees, warehouse and handling fees.

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Join in by filling out the sign up form and clicking the box at the bottom to add your film. Shortly after you join, we will follow up to get your account activated. Please drop Kristin a line if you have specific questions: