Age of Champions (2011)

  • Director: Christopher Rufo
  • Producer: Keith Ochwat
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Age of Champions is a feature-length documentary about a group of athletesa 100-year-old tennis player, 86-year-old pole vaulter, octogenarian swimmers, and team of basketball grandmothersall chasing gold at the National Senior Olympics. In a positive and uplifting way, the film addresses many of the emotional and physical challenges facing older Americans, including illness, the loss of loved ones, and the impact of aging on the mind and body. Each character in the film offers deep insight into how they overcame these obstacles and remain active and independent well into old age. They directly embody the message: whatever your age, its never too late to live life to its fullest.

The Film Campaign

More than 700 senior, health, and fitness organizations are hosting screenings of Age of Champions. Here's the kind impact you can expect:

  • Inspire Your Members: YMCA and Silver Sneakers are using Age of Champions to recruit new members for their senior health and fitness programs.
  • Engage Your Staff: The Mayo Clinic and more than 250 long-term care facilities are using the film to educate and inspire their staff.
  • Complement Your Programs: The Mayor of Albuquerque, New Mexico is hosting a community-wide event to raise awareness about the city's health, recreation, and senior services.
  • Strengthen Your Message: The International Council on Active Aging is launching a screening campaign in more than 200 cities to promote a positive message about getting older.

Issue: Aging, Health


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Get out and get healthy.

We're all getting older everyday, it's time to take the steps to improve our health and our lives.

Start an exercise routine - try to find ways to increase you're daily activity.

Eat healthier - Swap some snacks for fruits and veggies instead of junk food.

Event Name Date City State   Location Status
Aging in Maine Tour May 10, 2014 Waterville ME United States Spectrum Generations Muskie Community Center Complete
Aging in Maine tour - Spectrum Generations Apr 02, 2014 Waterville ME United States Spectrum Generations Complete
Age of Champions - Phoebe Institute on Aging Conference Oct 18, 2013 Schnecksville PA United States Lehigh Carbon Community College - Community Services Center Complete

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