Numen: The Nature of Plants (2009, new edition 2013)

  • Director, Co-Producer: Terrence Youk
  • Co-Producer: Ann Armbrecht
Film Length:
75 minutes
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Numen, defined as the animating force in nature,is a documentary film about our connection to the earth. Featuring stunning footage of medicinal plants and thought-provoking interviews with herbalists, doctors, activists, and many others, the film explores what we're doing to the earth and how that is reflected in our bodies. Numen explores ways to heal this relationship - plant medicine is one way, food is another, lifestyle choices are yet another that are all explored in the film. Most broadly, the film inspires us all to deepen our relationship with the natural world and reminds us of the healing made possible by re-embracing our place in the wider web of life.

The Film Campaign

Is your medicine making you sick?

Do you know where it came from and how it was made?

In an era of increasing degradation of human and environmental health, the film celebrates a practice of healing that recognizes that we can't be well until the planet is well.

Join herbalists and activists across the country to use Numen as a springboard for deepening conversations about building grassroots, ecologically sustainable healthcare in your community. Use the film to raise awareness and inspire action in your community and help create a national grassroots medicine movement that is as potent and powerful as the local food movement.

Issue: Environment, Health


  • Green Mountain Film Festival - Official Selection
  • Los Angeles Reel Film Festival - Best Documentary Feature Editing
  • Los Angeles Reel Film Festival - 3rd Place Documentary Feature
  • Maine International FIlm Festival - Official Selection
  • Moving Image Festival, Bioneers Conference - Official Selection
  • Sante Fe Film Festival - Official Selection
  • Sonoma Environmental Film Festival - Official Selection

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Help build a sustainable, grassroots medicine movement! You can start by empowering yourself and your community about how to use the plants growing in your region to care for your health. Here are some ways to start.

Ten Things You Can Do

  • Learn to identity three medicinal plants that you don't already know that grow in your region and learn their uses.
  • Add at least one of these herbs to your garden or to a pot in your windowsill.
  • Make a tincture, tea,or salve. Or make one of each!
  • Harvest and dry mint, lemon balm, calendula, nettles, or any other plant growing in your region.
  • Find a plant to sit with quietly each morning for a week; draw the plant.
  • Organize a discussion to begin talking about how sustainable healthcare is in your community? Use our questions as a guide.
  • Make an herbal first aid kit ~ educate yourself so you know how to use it!
  • Organize local healers for emergency response in your community.
  • Join United Plant Savers to raise awareness about conserving medicinal plants!
  • Identify one healing skill you would like to have but don't, and find a way to learn it - perhaps by taking a herb class, or re-certifying in basic first aid or CPR.
Event Name Date City State   Location Status
Numen: The Nature of Plants Apr 29, 2017 Toronto Canada Toronto Botanical Garden, Weston Family Library Complete
Numen: The Nature of Plants Jun 03, 2016 Galax VA United States Church of the Good Shepherd Complete
Feast Film Forum Oct 09, 2014 Pine River MN United States Happy Dancing Turtle Complete
Numen: The Nature of Plants - Take Action Aug 07, 2014 Berkeley CA United States Historic Fellowship Hall Complete
Movie Night at ChocolaTree: NUMEN Mar 13, 2014 Sedona AZ United States ChocolaTree Organic Oasis Complete
Mount Hood Community Wellness Jan 22, 2014 Sandy OR United States Sandy Public Library Complete
Land of Milk and Honey Herbs Screening of Numen Oct 29, 2013 Omaha NE United States Personal residence Complete
Numen: The nature of plants screening Oct 28, 2013 Toronto Canada Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine Complete
Numen at Old Dairy Heritage Festival Oct 04, 2013 Warm Springs VA United States Old Dairy Barn - Trimble Hall Complete
Free Movie Screening Presented by ZeroPoint Global Oct 03, 2013 Sedona AZ United States Hampton Inn Complete
Herb Stalk Jun 08, 2013 Somerville MA United States Herb Stalk 2013, The Armory Complete

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